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I tease my husband when I say that he thinks anytime we have 3 days or more off, we should be traveling. It is not altogether untrue. Many of the photographs here certainly fall under the "tourist" category but I like to think that I'm putting my own spin on these destinations shots. The Disney fireworks and Lincoln Memorial are only included to prove that I do not only travel in Europe. Neither are offered as prints.

I use Imagekind to provide open edition prints. Click on the name to the left to see the photographs I have available. On Imagekind you will also see some of my digital paintings.

I do offer limited edition fine art prints of some of my photographs. Editions are limited to 10 signed prints. Click on the prints link above to view and purchase available prints. Sorry but I cannot provide information on who previously purchased signed prints.

Eiffel Tower Skyward by Tim Stringer

Eiffel Skyward Christmas in Paris, December 2016.

Arc de Triomphe by Tim Stringer

Arc de Triomphe Christmas in Paris, December 2016.

Twilight in Venice by Tim Stringer

Twilight in Venice Venice, canals and of course gondolas. Composit image. April 2017.

Old Face Venice by Tim Stringer

Old Face Venice I could not help but wonder what tales he might tell. April 2017.

Seattle Skyline by Tim Stringer

Seattle Skyline A of touch sun, clouds and a hint of reflection. June 2016.

Disney Fireworks by Tim Stringer

Disney Fireworks Fireworks and a castle changing skin at light speed. July 2017

Versaille Gate by Tim Stringer

Versaille Gate Sometimes the light is perfect for magic. December 2016.

Notre Dame at Night by Tim Stringer

Notre Dame at Night A nighttime walk along the Seine, December 2016.

La Pieta by Tim Stringer

La Pieta Michelangelo's masterpiece. St. Peter's, Vatican April 2017

Lincoln Memorial by Tim Stringer

Lincoln Memorial The sights, the sounds, the humidity. July 2016

Back Alley of Venice by Tim Stringer

Back Alley of Venice A side canal of Venice. Composite image, April 2017.

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