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About Me

Art is a reflection of how an artist views the world around them. There is no right or wrong interpretation.

Pictures tell stories. Some complex, some simple. It could be a life event, an aha moment, the expression of a feeling, or an attempt to freeze a moment of nature’s majesty. In each life there are moments of contentment, happiness, anger, or sadness. As a photographer I try and capture those moments.

My first camera was a Ricoh XR7 35mm SLR. I made a lot of mistakes but along the way I learned a little about f stop, aperture and ISO. I continued my learning experiences with online classes and seminars. I love to experiment and thankfully digital photography allows me follow an idea regardless of the outcome.

My husband and I travel often and that means tons of touristy shots. I took over 50 shots of Michelangelo’s David in Florence. And I also just stood in awe of what I consider to be one of the greatest sculptures ever produced. But while visiting those museums, art galleries, and castles I look for the unusual and overlooked. Rich colors and deep shadows always catch my eye.

home landscapes wildlife destinations prints about contact

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