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I’ve known Jay for several years and a portrait session with him I knew would be interesting. He has an upbeat personality and a bit of impish streak. I think I caught just a hint of that on the photo above.


Toledo, Venice and Pompeii. Hard to go too far wrong with those locations.


Anna shot in Venice.


From location shoots in Alaska and Seattle.


The best portraits are those that capture something of the personality. A simple snapshot will do to create a likeness. A portrait should represent who a person is as well as capturing a likeness.

As part of shooting a portrait session I prefer to spend some time with the person. Expect to spend 15 – 30 minutes chatting about anything and everything. Depending on individual preferences I will take somewhere between 20 and 100 shots. With the right subject I might shoot even more.

Cost of a portrait session is $150 per hour with a one hour minimum. Location shoots are at the same hourly rate plus $100 travel cost up to 25 miles. Distances greater than 25 miles will need to be negotiated. Any additional costs for location shoots will be paid by the client. Included in the price are digital proofs which will be emailed, and post editing. Printed proofs are available for an additional $10 each. You may select up to 3 proofs for post editing. I retain the copyright to all photographs pre and post edited but you will have printing rights. I reserve the right to use photographs for demonstration and advertising purposes. For an additional fee I will provide an 11x14” print, paper or canvas at cost. Prints can take up to 6 weeks to be completed. Framing is not provided.

Click on the contact page and complete the contact form to start the discussion for a portrait session. Please be sure to include your phone number. Sorry I cannot return calls to numbers outside the United States.

home destinations landscapes wildlife portraits about contact

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